InkOcho Studios

we help you build  
a brand experience  

Gets you
noticed + Keeps
you top of mind

clearly defines
your unfair

Connects you
with your ideal

we achieve this by  
3 areas of your business…¬†¬†

Your Company Culture

Your company culture is the sum your passions, values and beliefs. The driving factors that motivate you and those around you to the core.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours? The ability to unearth that history and craft it into a narrative is fundamental to the creation of your culture and brand experience. It will also serve as your internal compass of balance.

Your Target

How you define the culture of your business has a direct affect on who comes through your door.

When you clearly characterize the values, beliefs + passions of your organization, you will attract a target market that aligns with them in their personal life. Like always attracts like.

Your Company

How is your company image and reputation perceived? Is it memorable? Is it professional? What about the first impressions of your brand to those who have never experienced it before?

What message do you leave with those who interact with you for the first time? Your company image and culture will be what aligns all your advertising and promotional activities.

after clarifying your culture,
market and image  
we reinforce them  
across 3 mediums  

Marketing + Communications

Your brand story is the cornerstone of all your advertising and promotional activities.

This blueprint of values, beliefs and brand promise will define the emotional connection and experience your target market will have when they engage with your brand.

Your marketing is your plan to communicate that story, while at the same time helping you to stay focused and working towards a common goal.

Visual Strategy + Identity

The evolution of choosing and organizing deliberate words, images and messages in a specific way to represent your company + successfully influence your audience.

A successful identity system is one that is flexible, cohesive, consistent and stands the test of time.

This system is made up of many visual components. How and where you plan to engage your target market will greatly determine what your identity will consist of.

Web Design + Development

It is critical in today’s world that you leverage the web to help you in building your business and your brand.

If aligned effectively with your business goals, it can smooth out many business processes.

Many times your place on the web, where-ever that is, is the first place your target market will make contact with you. And those first impressions are critical. We help to make sure your online presence functions with your goals in mind.

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